Our Story

Since the global IT revolution has started putting a great influence in most working areas across disciplines, we at LT are on the look out to seize a new route to take our country to the integrated IT and Business applications platform at a faster rate. In addition to showing excellent performance in satisfying its main objective, LT, has involved in developing specific web and mobile applications based on customer requirements.

LT lives to maintain its corporate values and principles. Its main motto is Do not endeavor to develop an IT solution with whom you do not speak the same language. The driving force behind promoting such an idea is the bad experience that companies have passed through when they face developers with computer background only. Although many reasons could be provided for the unsuccessful IT solutions, still many do agree that the failure is mostly attributed to the lack of understanding between the software requirements owner and the IT solutions provider. With LT the Client is guaranteed complete understanding between both parties before work is commenced. A Statement of Work will be put in place before actual deployment of the solution. LT hopes to be a positive example in this regard in the fledgling IT community here in Ethiopia.

To adhere to the aforementioned objective of the company, LT Software has a staff of versatile nature along with different backgrounds including (Information Science, Computer Science, Accounting, Management and Project Management).